The jab is one of the most essential boxing skills. Here is a really challenging Jab Development Drill for you (download at the bottom of the page). Simply follow my voice commands. You have six rounds of work. Check out the Jab Analysis video below  while working with Professional Mixed Martial Artist Maycee Barber


Having one way to throw the jab can limit a fighter as they start fighting evenly matched competitors. It’s paramount to have knowledge of that fact. However it’s even more important to transfer that knowledge to your body. I’m sure you’ve heard that Bruce Lee quote about 10 thousand reps. This drill aims to get your body and mind reps at developing various jabs.

Types of Jabs In This Training

  • Jab (No Step)
  • 2 Jabs
  • 3 Jabs
  • Jab Body
  • Step In The Hole
  • Jab Step Left (simultaneous)
  • Jab Step Right (simultaneous)
  • Jab Catch Jab (Jab, Catch Jab, Jab)
  • Stick Jab
  • Double Jab
  • Triple Jab
  • Jab Offline
  • Forward & Jab (simultaneous)
  • Backwards & Jab (simultaneous)
  • L Offense Jab

L Jab Example

L Jab Example

Here Is The Program For This Drill

  • 2 Rounds Conventional
  • 2 Rounds Southpaw
  • 2 Rounds Shadowboxing

At ‘A Million Styles Boxing’ it’s about being agile. Do two 3 Minute Rounds in each stance following my audio commands. During these rounds catch an imaginary jab as many times as you can.

Then shadowbox mixing in catching the jab & jab variations. These shadowboxing rounds is your time to explore your jab & most importantly get 50 reps of catching the jab in each of your shadowboxing rounds.

Get Great At Boxing - Jabs

This Program Was Designed By Barry Robinson of A Million Styles Boxing™