Tyson Said It, Mayweather Said It...So What Is Your Problem With Mayweather

Why Is Boxing Consistently Dumbed Down?

I don’t understand it. Why do boxers like Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and fighters like Conor McGregor have to act like savages to make a decent payday as athletes. When these fighters say something intelligent about timing or fight theory you could hear a pin drop in a room. It’s unfortunate.

Basketball players never have to talk trash during a media day, pre, or post game interview. It’s almost like the media disregards any intelligent boxing discussion. For the fans this means a continual lack of education. Why not watch a hockey fight instead. For the sport it means a lack of growth. For people that don’t watch boxing because it’s violent enough as it is, they will never learn that boxing truly is a cerebral game. Played at the highest levels by cerebral athletes.

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