Terrible Training Mistakes Tutorial featuring Mikey Garcia
Take a look on social media. You will find athletes from all striking combat sports doing “rhythm steps” in training. You will see it in shadowboxing, partner drills, and sparring. That means athletes are getting thousands of reps of really bad habits. This particular habit you can get away with at every level except for when you compete against the best.
 This happens for a variety of reasons. The main reason in my opinion is because combat sports is such a macho training environment that doing “FUNdamental” drills are deemed to basic once we have learned how to punch.
In every sport except for striking sports FUNdamental drills are paramount before anything else happens in training. Jiu Jitsu guys “shrimp” & tumble over both shoulders forward and backwards every lesson. Basketball players start their warmups with the “George Mikan” drill. I could give countless sporting examples of FUNdamentals first before anything else happens.
 In our newest Tutorial at amillionstylesboxing.com we cover Responsibility. This 15 minute long tutorial that will be released Sunday to our members and made available for sale for non members dive deep into “Footwork Responsibility” & “Options”
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