Switching FUNdamentals A-Z Coming Soon
Wrestlers are intriguing athletes. The majority of them are University Graduates. They have also trained their mind and body to be freak athletes.
For example I have this friend Mikhail who is brilliant. So he’s not on social media. Where Mikhail chooses to leave his footprint is in the hearts and minds of grown men globally in the gym. I’ve seen Mikhail demolish and abuse grown men, black belts, & other wrestlers globally. It’s weird, he’s such a nice guy.
Having said this, not everyone is a wrestler with ridiculous athleticism and smarts.
So… It’s important to train FUNdamental. Our newest tutorials going up on amillionstylesboxing.com dive deep into switching stances at a basic level and advances them (Layer Cake) to a very advanced level.
No moves will be taught in these tutorials. Just FUNdamentals Drills that any fighter or trainer like a Swiss Army Knife can use as they wish.
It’s important that I be redundant. Because not everyone is a freak athlete mentally and physically and can’t afford to make the mistakes freak athletes can get away with by having moves. Our tutorials focus on mastering a base which lead to options depending on how you feel in Sparring or a Fight.

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AMSB core offensive, defensive, and FUNdamental Footwork Drills
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