Saunders vs Lemieux - Saki vs Verhoeven + More New AMSB Film Studies

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I hate that Boxers don’t respect or study other Combat Sports. I hate that Kickboxers, Mixed Martial Artitst, and Muay Thai practitioners refer to boxing as “Hands” This is all unfortunate.

AMSB is not a kid behind a computer. We also work with athletes across the Combat Sports globally. We have been making Film Studies for 8 years while at the same time Creating drills to make Fight movements, theories, and agility muscle memory with options.

This is what separates us from the many on Youtube that have copied our work for years. We are always 10 steps ahead because our work is authentic online and in the gym. You can’t fake passion. This is truly “what we do”

A Million Styles Boxing
Coach Barry Robinson

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AMSB core offensive, defensive, and FUNdamental Footwork Drills
Footwork Drills