Muay Thai and Kickboxing Footwork? Possible? Film Study

It’s hard enough to get boxers to do drills. So imagine telling Muay Thai athletes and Kickboxers that they will be doing a drill outside what is normal…OY VEY

However I don’t care what they have thought because one I’m the Coach and two no Coach or Athlete has yet to show me one fight from either disciplines where the fighters stay in one spot and don’t move forward, backward, left, and right.
Everyone talks or should I say has a lot of knowledge. I’ve always been less interested in talking and more interested in creating drills that will make the mind and body have better understanding of Fight Specific movements. Perfect science? Hell no….however I find that more productive than telling people what you can’t do.
Watching fights…not as a fan is soooo critical to your development. Oh and dont train moves, do drills. Military’s globally are efficient because they drill. They don’t train moves.
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