MMA Striking Evolved – The Blueprint for World Class Fighters with Barry Robinson

MMA Striking Evolved – The Blueprint for World Class Fighters with Barry Robinson

Barry Robinson is widely regarded as one of the highest level and most uniquely talented/experienced boxing for combat sports coaches in the world today.  Founder of his own systemised approach to coaching, a million styles boxing (AMSB), he has won fans globally for many years through his unparalleled ability in teaching athletes from any martial art how to train in order to develop world level boxing.  MMA Striking, especially for world class fighters, specifically requires both the athlete and the coach to master the combining of a large number of complex systems.

Barry has worked on fight camps with some of the world’s best fighters from a whole range of different martial arts/combat sports including the likes of Fedor Emileanenko, Jose Aldo, Cris Cyborg, Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong, Artur Kyshenko and many, many more.

Alongside his fight preparation and coaching, he is also truly outstanding at film study and fight/fighter breakdowns.  This combination of skills puts him in demand the world over to take part in the training of champion athletes from Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing.


In it, he goes through step by step, a whole manner of amazing coaching content, knowledge and drills he personally likes to utilise regularly with the world class fighters he trains – Grappling Rudiments, Mixed Martial Arts, Freestyle Agility, Locche for MMA, Creating Space, Changing Styles, Galloping for MMA, Angles on the Retreat, Partner Drills, Changing Base Drills, Advanced MMA Pad Work and Pressure Drills


This video includes:


  • Grappling Rudiments. A complete framework of fundamental grappling based movement and drills to add into your MMA striking training.
  • Marriage. How to create a system that allows you to put together all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts into every training session.
  • MMA Agility. Agility for successful MMA at world level is a huge need.  How to drill this so that movement becomes part of your arsenal at every range.
  • Adapting Styles. How to use the same system to integrate any style you come from or wish to utilise more in any fight i.e. Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai etc.
  • Locche for MMA. Advanced concepts for utilising the Locche drill as a base for elite level MMA in order to integrate Striking with Wrestling and Grappling.
  • Creating Space. Drills to coach da da da movement into your MMA game so that creating space or minimising the risk of counters becomes second nature.
  • Galloping for MMA. A fundamental system for using galloping to enter and exit the striking range so that wrestling can be utilised effectively as a counter.
  • Angles on the Retreat. How to use moving back to create angles in order to attack more effectively with your full tool kit of attacks i.e. Striking or Wrestling.
  • Partner Drills. A whole series of partner drills for you to develop effective movement and footwork prior to attacking with Striking or Wrestling.
  • Base Changing. How to utilise your new advanced skill sets to best effect by combining bases as an attacking or defending framework within fights.
  • MMA Pad Work. Learn new ways to utilise pads and bags in order to create the most MMA specific training sessions you can.
  • Pressure Drills. An in-depth look at how Coach Barry uses the kick shield for optimum fitness, conditioning and fight preparation through pressure drills.
  • And more….




Find out for yourself why Barry Robinson is one of the most sought after Boxing coaches in the world, purchase your copy of MMA Striking Evolved – The Blueprint for World Class Fighters!! Here, you can also learn more about his other volumes from his previous other series Boxing for MMA – The Striking EvolutionHow to Train for World Level Boxing – Fighter DrillsHow to Box at World Level – Controlling the Fight and How to Punch Harder and Faster – World Level Boxing as well as those from his first foundation volume series on this site Elite Boxing for Combat Sports – Reactive MittsElite Boxing for Combat Sports – Mastering Agility and Elite Boxing for Combat Sports – Ring Craft along with all the other exceptional exceptional Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA and Boxing Instructionals featured on the Warrior Collective!

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