How to Train for World Level Boxing – Fighter Drills with Barry Robinson

Barry Robinson is widely regarded as one of the highest level and most uniquely talented/experienced boxing for combat sports coaches in the world today.  Founder of his own systemised approach to coaching, a million styles boxing (AMSB), he has won fans globally for many years through his unparalleled ability in teaching athletes from any martial art how to box at world level.  Controlling the fight is an absolute must have ability for any fighter wanting to win on a consistent basis as an amateur or professional.

Barry has worked on fight camps with some of the world’s best fighters from a whole range of different martial arts/combat sports including the likes of Fedor Emileanenko, Jose Aldo, Cris Cyborg, Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong, Artur Kyshenko and many, many more.

Alongside his fight preparation and coaching, he is also truly outstanding at film study and fight/fighter breakdowns.  This combination of skills puts him in demand the world over to take part in the training of champion athletes from Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

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This Video Includes:

  • Functional Preparation. A series of different skills and drills to help warm up and develop the necessary base for high level striking.
  • Blood in the Water. How to correctly and effectively chase injured or hurt opponents quickly in order to look for the KO.
  • Lines of Attack/Defence. How to drill Galloping as a base to ensure you have fast straight line footwork for 4D movement.
  • Owning the Ring. Mastering the Figure 8 to gain a full ownership of controlling the fight at any point and in any place.
  • Skill Progressions. Combine multiple skill sets, movements and strikes to take your striking prowess to the next level.
  • Training to Recover. How to train effectively in order to increase your ability to recover quickly after suffering a heavy strike.
  • Overhand System. A complete framework for how to utilise the overhand punch efficiently and use it as a hard hitting striking base.
  • Lateral Movement. A fundamental system for maximising your ability to move explosively from left to right and back again.
  • Inside Domination. How to move forward and back to close down or nullify an opponents range with the inside as a dominating position.
  • Elite Fitness. Drills and Circuits specifically designed to raise a fighters physical and mental conditioning to peak performance.
  • Body Shots. How to use simple drills to make your body shots equally devastating when targeting either the liver or the spleen.
  • 12 Rounds. Change the temperature, flow and rhythm by taking complete control over both power and speed strikes across 12 rounds.
  • And more….
How to Train for World Level Boxing – Fighter Drills with Barry Robinson

In it, he goes through step by step, a whole manner of amazing coaching content, knowledge and drills he personally likes to utilise regularly with the world class fighters he trains – Effective Warm ups, Galloping, The Figure 8, Layering the Cake, Hard Shot Recovery, The Overhand System, Insides and Fighter Drills.

Find out for yourself why Barry Robinson is one of the most sought after Boxing coaches in the world, purchase your copy of How to Train for World Level Boxing – Fighter Drills with Barry Robinson!! Here, you can also learn more about his other two volumes in this second series How to Box at World Level – Controlling the Fight and How to Punch Harder and Faster – World Level Boxing as well as those from his first foundation volume series on this site Elite Boxing for Combat Sports – Reactive MittsElite Boxing for Combat Sports – Mastering Agility and Elite Boxing for Combat Sports – Ring Craft along with all the other exceptional exceptional Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA and Boxing Instructionals featured on the Warrior Collective!

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