Cédric ‘The Best’ Doumbé Technical Skill Highlight by A Million Styles Boxing

Cedric Doumbe is a new discovery for me. Although I love to help develop Kickboxers, Mixed Martial Artist, and Muay Thai athletes as a trainer, I must admit I’m not the most hardcore fan. Coming off a trip where I got to work with World Class World Champions like Eddie Abasolo and Diego Llamas, I learned a ton about switching on a very high level.

Typically in Boxing switching is taboo and training it is even more taboo. I was blown away by how Eddie Abasolo looks at training and fighting. He truly is a genius. Very rarely does someone motivate me or knock my socks off with new training ideas. Now my eyes are wide open.

When I watched Doumbe vs Holzken I saw this athlete doing so many things I was always told you can’t do in Kickboxing/Muay Thai like moving. So this highlight is a technical highlight and an ode to Doumbe’s outside the box approach. Also a huge salute to Eddie Abasolo, Diego Llamas, and Coach Kirian Fitzgibbons at CSA Gym.