Anthony Joshua has been training very professionally and has developed to become a very good, if not great Professional Prize Fighter. His biggest test will come when he takes on Wladimir Klitschko. Klitschko has been a very efficient prize fighter. Klitschko understood early in his career that he is a very tall man and did not need to fight like Mike Tyson. Instead he fights like a throw back Jack Johnson, limiting his opponents offense with the threat of a very accurate right hand coming down hill like a runaway freight train.

Klitschko lives in the middle of the ring. He is able to do that because a long stiff jab and a great clinch game that limits his opponents to one to two punches at a time. His clinch will come before and or after his offense. It’s his primary defense along with his punching power. Klitschko likes to lull you to sleep with a great feint and hesitation game allowing him to step offline with authority to land right hands or left hooks.

I think Klitschko should fight like Max Schmeling if he wants the safest way possible to beat Anthony Joshua.

Anthony Joshua has proven during his pro career that he is a great student of boxing in the film room and in the gym. However don’t let his poise, professionalism, or laid back demeanor fool you. He is mean and wants to put hurt on you. Watching the limited media training footage on IFL TV Youtube Channel I’d say Robert McCracken and the rest of Team Joshua has the right ideas going into this match up. If Tyson Fury can get Klitschko to have to move his feet than they can too. Except I think they also want to knock Klitschko out earning a signature win.

Watch our prediction to see how Team Joshua are preparing to do just that.

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