Chingiz Allazov is the most complete Combat Sports Fighter walking earth right now by Barry Robinson

When to Attack K1 Kickboxing King Chingiz Allazov by A Million Styles Boxing

@chingizallazov may be the most complete combat sports fighter walking the earth right now that no one is talking about.
His skill set is very complete. His decision making is damn near without flaw and his technique is Fundamental.
He can fight equally with intelligence as a conventional or southpaw fighter. He switches stance in various ways with the ability to defend, knee, kick or punch at any given moment.
I met 2 competitors in California who’d give him a run for his money and then of course there is the masters Sitthichai and Petrosyan.
As for right now, Chingiz is a dominant fighter who simply has not lost in a very long time and keeps getting scary better.

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