Has Joseph Parker maximized his potential? He can’t fight Anthony Joshua & Deontay Wilder like this

It seems Joseph Parker’s Development has come to a grinding halt. Or worse, has he peaked? I don’t know however I do know watching his last fight it seems his potential has plateaued. That’s unfortunate for him as his competition seems to be improving with each training session and each fight. Specifically, Parker moves pretty well however all his offense is in a straight line with zero glove control game (nota bene. George Foreman). He can defend in circles going to the left or right.However if he has to attack Wilder or Joshua in a straight line as a first option, this could be bad news for him.


Big Man Game Alert: Guty Espadas Ring Generalship Leads to Easy Body Shot Access 🇲🇽

Boxing is such a beautiful sport. I hate highlights sometimes because all you see is punches. Boxing is so much more than that. Salute Guty Espadas. Guty Espadas is an unbelievable athlete, boxer, and fighter from Mexico. He came up in Nacho Beristain’s Boxing System which boast numerous World Champions including Juan Manuel Marquez.