“If you ever get to train with Coach Barry Robinson, who is freaking an amazing artist, a scientist, extremely technical and so knowledgeable when it comes to combat conditioning, striking for MMA and Boxing, all I can say is that you are a very lucky person, very lucky! and on top of that he’s great motivator as well a coach.
If it were up to me I wouldn’t tell anyone about Barry and keep him a secret from everyone else. But his name is too good to keep a hold of by yourself! His talent and great work speaks for it self. There are not enough words to describe my appreciation and gratitude for his qualities, attributes, passion, commitment and work ethic in the world of coaching combat athletics. I have traveled and trained with some of the best and Coach Barry Robinson is definitely one of them! PERIOD!
On a personal level he is one very cool and funny human being. You also want a coach that sincerely has your best interest at heart and has your back! When you train with him he somehow makes you want to do you best and go that little bit further. you Honestly give him 100 % he gives you 120 % He knows how to talk to you during camp and the fight, he knows how to gauge you. He has an uncanny ability to do things at the right time for your prep and fight. Things like that only come from a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fight game and from being around other greats.
Like I said there are not enough good words to describe and praise Coach Barry Robinson. You know when you’ve met a great coach, you feel it and you connect on trainer-trainee level and not only you feel it, you appreciate it and grateful for the experience. If you ever get a chance to work with Coach Barry Robinson or better yet have him in your corner, DO IT! For me I know who I will be having with me in my next prep for my fight camp and corner for my next One fc fight. Believe you me, you Will be thanking whoever you pray to for having Coach Barry Robinson in your camp and corner. A great coach told me once…. “Real recognizes Real!”” – Adam Kayoom

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