AMSB is a Training System founded by Barry Robinson  in 2006. Since then A Million Styles Boxing has been used in Professional Boxing Championship Fights & UFC fights. AMSB has coaching wins vs the Gracie Family, American Wrestlers, and even Jiu Jitsu legends like Hatsu Hioki. AMSB has also been apart of Heavyweight Boxing competition as a Head Coach for Manuel Charr. Even registering wing with non fighters at White Collar Boxing Charity events like Operation Smile.

AMSB is also a pioneer in Film Study. Globally students online, fans, coaches, and fighters have enjoyed the fruit of our dedication to learning the Martial Art of Boxing.

Currently AMSB has opened its first gym in Oslo Norway. The Box is a private fitness gym.

Barry Robinson Jr. grew up in New York City as an avid basketball player and a recreational boxer. As a young man, Barry realized he needed a change in atmosphere and served four years in the United States Navy. While in the Navy Barry learned not only efficiency and discipline, but most importantly attention to detail and accountability. Upon completion of his tour in the Navy, with newly found passion and mastery of his natural leadership ability, he focused on personal training and boxing training.


To Barry, boxing is an art. He respects it and studies the sport maniacally. After studying for a short time in New York City, he took his talents and knowledge to Europe where he continued to perfect his craft in Norway, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Curacao, and England. After training at different gyms, he realized all different coaches have their own unique styles. This is where his idea of A Million Styles Boxing came to fruition. A Million Styles Boxing means its better to have a little bit of everything than just one style: Train Every Style.

Barry uses this idea in a multi-faceted company. He trains athletes for competition. He works with Professional and Amateur Boxers; sometimes as a head coach and in some instances as a focus mitt specialist. Even more, he also specialize working with Mixed Martial Artists and Thai Boxers. Why specialize? He realized pure boxing does not work for Mixed Martial Artist and Thai Boxers, thus he perfected boxing for MMA and Thai Boxing.

The mission is simple: Train Every Style. Give a fighter every option and their natural style and creativity will blossom on it’s own!

In boxing and other combat sports, we often hear the phrase “Styles Make Fights”. I have had different coaches. They all taught different styles. That excites me. In most boxing manuals we are taught one way to train the sport. In reality there has been hundreds of World Champions and all of them fought different. That thought got me thinking about Martial Arts like Karate, Jiu Jitsu, or the other Martial Arts that use different color belts as recognition of mastery relative to that particular art. You never hear of the people that participate in those arts say “once I get my purple belt, that’s all I need”. They continue and try to Master all the forms and techniques in their art. I wondered why in boxing do we still hear, “He’s an outside fighter” or “He’s an inside fighter”. I think it’s because we stopped striving for mastery of our sport, boxing.

A Million Styles Boxing is not an overnight process. It requires attention to detail, great film study habits, an open mind, and love. Drills are what makes A Million Styles Boxing possible. Drills; Systematic training by multiple repetitions. “Practice makes perfect”. Every coach knows how he would like to build his fighter. Sometime the missing teaching tool is not knowledge of the sport but the “Method of Teaching”. For example I can instruct my fighter to move around the ring as a training technique or I can give him a specific footwork drill like moving forwards and backwards for an entire 3 minutes without mistakes. I believe in the training benefits of drills like these no matter how boring they may become and if the fighter makes mistakes I give them push ups at the end of the round. Often times the fighter will start correcting himself; a) wanting to get better b) those push ups get heavy.

If an aspiring athlete or even a great pro athlete can master all the drills he or she now has a great foundation to add too. Sure I could rush you along and you might even be good. However this training manual is for those that desire more from their training. Those that want to be challenged physically but more importantly mentally. For those that want to leave the gym everyday and say I learned something. No more going to the gym with the same routine, four rounds rope, four rounds shadow, four rounds pads, four rounds bag, push ups, and sit ups . Instead every day work on something. It’s like a video game. Your player has attributes, things they are good or not so good at. AMSB philosophy is, when you are not specifically preparing for a fight, build the attributes you’re not so good at. I can’t game plan for someone with A Million Styles Boxing.

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